About me

Developer with some good years studying about Computer Science who turned into a PHP Evangelist in 2016.
My goal is to make contents about Science and Technology more accessible to everyone and create the best environment for new developers who wants to follow on this journey.

One of the first brazilian Live Coders on Twitch who reached the Partnership with the platform only doing Livecoding sessions about PHP/Laravel/Git/CleanCode/SOLID and alot of GAMBIARRAS and still streaming after 4 years!

Founded a community called He4rt Developers to introduce beginners into the developer enviromnent helping then to overpass the 100-200 basics. Today this community is known by almost every brazilian developer and was founded in 2018.

Also I like to teach and create content and I'm looking for a Developer Advocate/Evangelist role!


Right below there are the tools and the respective time i've worked over time in my career:

PHP Laravel MySQL JavaScript Bootstrap TDD DigitalOcean Droplets PHPUnit Laravel Lumen Clean Code Azure Virtual Machines Swagger YAML Laravel Forge AWS EC2 JQuery Java SOLID Ionic Mongolid

Last Articles




Duration : 01/2022 ~ now
2 years e 6 months until now

Most rated skills: Laravel JavaScript

Description: At Liuv I was leading a team to refactor the entire legacy application from Laravel 5.3 into a microservices ecosystem with Laravel, Lumen and React as the main architect.


Leroy Merlin BRA

Duration : 11/2020 ~ 06/2021
7 months

Most rated skills: Laravel JavaScript

Description: At Leroy Merlin BRA I'm working with Laravel Framework doing features with Mongolid ODM focusing on improve performance of backoffice tools.


I9XP Technology

Duration : 12/2019 ~ 09/2020
9 months

Most rated skills: JavaScript Laravel

Description: At I9XP Tecnologia I was acting as a FullStack Developer dealing with ExtJs and PHP with no Framework and creating full e-commerce.



Duration : 12/2018 ~ 11/2019
11 months

Most rated skills: Laravel JavaScript

Description: At Fabapp I developed some of the main micro-applications that support the platform, where I used some interesting technologies such as: Lumen (Laravel Framework), AWS (S3 and EC2) and controlling deploys with Laravel Forge.


W1 Finance

Duration : 01/2018 ~ 06/2019
1 year e 5 months

Most rated skills: PHP Laravel MySQL

Description: At W1 Finance I created the management systems for the company's partners and also the internal Back-office management system using technologies such as: Laravel, Bootstrap 4 AWS (EC2, S3) and Ionic.