About me

I like live coding and PHP :)


Right below there are the tools and the respective time i've worked over time in my career:

PHP Laravel MySQL JavaScript AWS EC2 DigitalOcean Droplets Blade Templates Lumen Redis



Leroy Merlin BRA

Duration : 11/2020 ~ 07/2021
7 months

Most rated skills: PHP Laravel MySQL

Description: At Leroy Merlin BRA I'm working with Laravel Framework doing features with Mongolid focusing on improve performance of backoffice tools.


I9XP Tecnologia

Duration : 12/2019 ~ 09/2020
9 months

Most rated skills: PHP MySQL JavaScript

Description: At I9XP Tecnologia I was acting as a FullStack Developer dealing with ExtJs and PHP with no Framework.



Duration : 12/2018 ~ 11/2019
11 months

Most rated skills: Laravel JavaScript PHP MySQL

Description: At Fabapp I developed some of the main micro-applications that support the platform, where I used some interesting technologies such as: Lumen (Laravel Framework), AWS (S3 and EC2) and controlling deploys with Laravel Forge.


W1 Finance

Duration : 01/2018 ~ 07/2019
1 year e 6 months

Most rated skills: PHP Laravel MySQL JavaScript

Description: At W1 Finance I created the management systems for the company's partners and also the internal Back-office management system using technologies such as: Laravel, Bootstrap 4 AWS (EC2, S3) and Ionic.